Lesson 016. Giving Gifts, Visiting Friends, Drinking Culture.

In this lesson we are going to learn about visiting friends, relatives, giving gifts and about Chinese drinking culture. Please sign up and become a registered subscriber to download ALL 200+ audio lessons with full PDF transcripts and worksheets.


  1. Joyce says:

    Thank you for your podcasts. I go to Chinese school on weekend and use these along with my studies. My husband ( 教授/ polymer science) goes to changchun 2 sometimes 3 x year to teach courses at Institute. I love changchun ,what a beautiful city. Need to learn Chinese to survive up there!! I appreciate your pronunciation of words / tones and Helping us to be aware of the differences in word usage depending where you are/region in China. It is good to be aware
    of these differences. Also,the variations of phrases such as thank you, no need, you shouldn’t have etc… You do a wonderful job with such useful dialogues. Look forward to my next lesson. Again thank you so much. Your hard work in putting together these podcasts are greatly appreciated



  2. Elizabeth says:

    Hey Serge,

    Thank you for your fantastic Chinese lessons! I started using your podcast because my boyfriend’s parents, who don’t speak any English, were coming to visit the US for his graduation from art school. Even though I had only gotten through about 30 lessons by then, I was able to communicate many of my thoughts and understand their responses. I even delivered a “flawless” toast afterwards! They were very impressed with my language skills after such a short time and were thrilled I was making the effort to communicate with them and to appreciate their culture.

    I will continue using your lessons, and I hope to learn a lot more!


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