1. Elizabeth says:

    Hey Serge,

    Thank you for your fantastic Chinese lessons! I started using your podcast because my boyfriend’s parents, who don’t speak any English, were coming to visit the US for his graduation from art school. Even though I had only gotten through about 30 lessons by then, I was able to communicate many of my thoughts and understand their responses. I even delivered a “flawless” toast afterwards! They were very impressed with my language skills after such a short time and were thrilled I was making the effort to communicate with them and to appreciate their culture.

    I will continue using your lessons, and I hope to learn a lot more!


  2. Joyce says:

    Thank you for your podcasts. I go to Chinese school on weekend and use these along with my studies. My husband ( 教授/ polymer science) goes to changchun 2 sometimes 3 x year to teach courses at Institute. I love changchun ,what a beautiful city. Need to learn Chinese to survive up there!! I appreciate your pronunciation of words / tones and Helping us to be aware of the differences in word usage depending where you are/region in China. It is good to be aware
    of these differences. Also,the variations of phrases such as thank you, no need, you shouldn’t have etc… You do a wonderful job with such useful dialogues. Look forward to my next lesson. Again thank you so much. Your hard work in putting together these podcasts are greatly appreciated



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