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You are about to download situational, practical and easy to follow Mandarin Chinese audio lessons for absolute beginners! Every audio lesson in this course comes with a complete PDF transcript, stand alone audio dialogue and a review worksheet.

You can download and take these Chinese lessons with you to study anytime, at any place convenient for you. For example, many of the students find it convenient to study in the car when commuting to work or school or when working out in a gym.

We will help you develop the communicative ability in Mandarin Chinese by teaching you useful situational dialogues, practical vocabulary, language structures, grammar functions and related cultural content.

About our teachers

Serge Melnyk has studied Mandarin Chinese for over 25 years and spent 17 years in China. Serge has a Master’s Degree in Chinese linguistics and he used to work as Academic Director at the International School in Shanghai.

Summer, a native Chinese speaker from Beijing and Pauline, a native of Taiwan are helping with the recordings of audio lessons and situational dialogues in this language course.

All Chinese lessons are progressive, which means that you can start from “zero” level and after completing this course, you will be able to speak fluent Mandarin Chinese on a variety of familiar topics.

You can spend as much time on each lesson as you want, there is no time limit; all you need is to download the lessons and start learning Mandarin Chinese right away, at your own pace, whenever you have 15-30 minutes. Completing at least one lesson per week is preferred.

Every audio lesson is built on the vocabulary and grammar of the previous one. We recommend spending about a week on each lesson. There is a lot of review of old vocabulary in new lessons and all lessons are interconnected.

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