Lesson 022. Playing Sports and Exercising.

Learn in Chinese about playing sports and doing exercises. Are you a football (soccer) fan?
From this lesson you will learn some general expressions about sport and physical exercises in Mandarin Chinese.
This lesson’s vocabulary: health, body, exercise, names of different sports, playing different sports, working out in a gym, etc. Please sign up and become a registered subscriber to download ALL 276+ audio lessons with full PDF transcripts and worksheets.


  1. Arvind Pradhan says:

    Her voice is recorded at a very low level. Can hardly hear her.

  2. Awen says:

    Dialog 3, the word dui is mising from the hanzi line:

    qiang de dui hui ying, ruo de dui hui shu.

    In hanzi it says:

    qiang de hui ying, ruo de hui shuo.

    (Not incorrect but not the same as pinyin)

    Also my laoshi says in the vocabulary you say 达足球,but commonly it is said as: 踢足球。 (I practice your lessons with my laoshi. She corrects my pronunuciations.

  3. Yeap, ti1 zu2qiu2(踢足球) is more common, however “play ball” in general will still be “da3 qiu2″(打球). Because playing ball may involve your hands as well and ti1(踢) means “to kick”.

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