Lesson 007. Lessons Review!

Let’s review the key words in Mandarin Chinese, sentence patterns from previous lessons and learn new useful expressions. Signup to download this lessons review PDFs transcript and worksheets.


  1. Serge Melnyk says:

    Nihao John,

    Rang4 women lai2… is “let us..” construction, sometimes rang4(让) is omitted and there is only lai2(来) left. After lai2(来) there will usually be a verb. E.g. wo3men lai2 he1 cha2 ba!(我们来喝茶吧!)-Let’s have tea! It’s a suggestion to have tea together. Lai2(来) here doesn’t not directly mean “to come”. However, it still implies “that people kind of come together to enjoy a cup of tea”. So, you are right, you can’t translate it literally into “to come”, but just keep in mind that it’s used in bringing up a suggestion to do something. Another example: Rang4 wo3 lai2 kan4kan4(让我来看看) or wo3 lai2 kan4kan4(我来看看)-let me see!


  2. John Gleason says:

    Nihao Serge!

    In this lesson, you say, “Wo3men yi4qi3 lai2 fu4xi2 ba” (“Let’s review together!”) What is the purpose of the “lai2” in this sentence? Is “lai2” usually included in suggestions of this type? (I recall from lesson 5 that lai2 means “to come.”)


  3. Humayun Alam says:

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