Lesson 035-1. Video Lesson-Bargaining in Chinese.

Watch and learn how to bargain in Mandarin Chinese. This is a video dialogue of lesson 35. This lesson is based on the vocabulary of the previous audio lesson with additional new words and expressions.

Subscribed users will access a complete PDF lesson transcript for this video episode together with lesson 35 with English explanations and a vocabulary section. Please signup to access the PDFs!



  1. walter says:

    Serge, wow!!! Your chinese is amazing. I have been studying for a while and wish my fluency was as good as yours. Plus it is at least your third language. Good job. How can I download these videos? Also, what are some methods you have used to increase your 中文水平chinese level. thanks and i will start using what i have. I subscribe through iTunes.

  2. Steve says:

    Audio quality is very good. Very competitive product. I think your Chinese is better than your English. Haven’t heard you speak any slavic languages yet.

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