Lesson 055. Watching Movies.

Learn vocabulary and common expressions related to TV and Movies. Listen to the situational dialog at the end of the lesson and answers to the worksheets of the previous lesson.

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  1. kong3pa4(恐怕) means I’m afraid that……

    E.g. kong3pa4 ta1 bu4 lai2 le(恐怕他不来了)-I’m afraid he is not coming.

    it can’t be used as adverb. It’s a verb, basically, same as just pa4(怕)-to be afraid of…. But one can not start a sentence with pa4. You can with kong3pa4(恐怕) though.

    kong3bu4(恐怖) is an adverb and it means ‘scary’, ‘horrific’, sometimes it’s a noun: ‘terror’, horror’ etc.

    E.g. Hao3 kong3bu4 a!(好恐怖阿!)-So scary!

    This is the basic difference.

    Hope this was helpful!



  2. DT says:


    请问 恐怖 和 恐怕 有什么区别?

    还有 之 是什么意思?



  3. Brendon says:

    Hmm.. did you forget about lesson 56, lol… just teasing, but still hoping for it.

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