1. Brendon says:

    Hmm.. did you forget about lesson 56, lol… just teasing, but still hoping for it.

  2. Hey, I saw you on my Website just seconds from posting a new lesson. You just felt it! You ask for it, you got it!:-D
    Have a nice day!

  3. DT says:


    请问 恐怖 和 恐怕 有什么区别?

    还有 之 是什么意思?



  4. kong3pa4(恐怕) means I’m afraid that……

    E.g. kong3pa4 ta1 bu4 lai2 le(恐怕他不来了)-I’m afraid he is not coming.

    it can’t be used as adverb. It’s a verb, basically, same as just pa4(怕)-to be afraid of…. But one can not start a sentence with pa4. You can with kong3pa4(恐怕) though.

    kong3bu4(恐怖) is an adverb and it means ‘scary’, ‘horrific’, sometimes it’s a noun: ‘terror’, horror’ etc.

    E.g. Hao3 kong3bu4 a!(好恐怖阿!)-So scary!

    This is the basic difference.

    Hope this was helpful!



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