Lesson 086. Lost or Stolen Bank Card.

In this lesson you will learn how to call Chinese bank and inform them that your bank card got lost or stolen. Listen to the situational dialogue and remember the new vocabulary. Please signup and become a registered subscriber to access ALL 270+ audio lessons with full PDF transcripts, worksheets and additional situational audio dialogues available for members only.


  1. Luke Grove says:

    Serge ni3 hao3,

    I just want to say I am really enjoying your lessons. I have been studying on-and-off for the last 5 years and these are by far the most practical references to everyday language usage I have come across. It is great being able to download and then swap between different lessons…something I do every day now on the train.

    Keep up the good work!



  2. Luke Grove says:

    Serge ni3 hao3,

    Do you know of a good software-based dictionary that I can load up onto my laptop or PDA? With everything else I carry around it is difficult to carry a concise dictionary as well!



  3. Wo3 hen3 hao3, xie4xie4!(我很好,谢谢!)

    I used to have one called Jin1 shan1 ci2ba4(金山词霸) installed on my PC, but now since there are many good dictionaries online, I stopped using it and switched to online dictionaries. You need a wireless connection to the internet in this case.

    dict.cn is a good one.

    For Jin1 shan1 ci2ba4(金山词霸), I think you can download it from here

    This Website is in Chinese though.

    Hope this helps.

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