Lesson 027. Working in China. Office Vocabulary.

This lesson will teach you some very common and useful vocabulary and sentence patterns used when working in China. You will learn office vocabulary in Mandarin Chinese and at the end of this lesson will be able to understand and say such sentences and phrases as “what’s your email address”, “did you receive my fax” or “my printer is broken”, etc. Full and detailed PDF lesson transcripts and worksheets are available for subscribed users.


  1. claude says:

    hello Serge
    Very pleasant lesson 26 and very useful lesson 27

  2. Anna says:

    Hi Serge,

    Excellent lesson! With regard to 打印, does that mean either “to print documents” or “to print?” I guess my question is more whether you need to say 打印文件, or whether 打印 suffices (and 打印文件 translates into “to print documents documents”). Thanks!

  3. Nihao Anna,

    da3yin4(打印) means to print only. When you say wo3 yao4 da3yin4(我要打印) it’s clear from the context that you mean I want to print something, documents for example. Probably due to the fact that the English ‘to print’ can mean ‘to print using a printer’ and ‘to write’, but in Mandarin, da3yin4 only means to ‘print on the printer’, usually a document, picture etc. Unless you want to specify wo3 yao4 da3yin4 zhe4ge wen2jian4(我要打印这个文件)-I want to print this document, you won’t need to say da3yin4 wen2jian4(打印文件) every time.

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