Lesson 024. Dating and Relationships.

This lesson is devoted to dating and relationships. You will learn how to say ” I love you”, “I have feelings for you”, “love at first sight”, “you are my only one” and other expressions which may be useful when you converse with your future or current Chinese girlfriend (boyfriend) etc. Please sign up and become a registered subscriber to download ALL 276+ audio lessons with full PDF transcripts and worksheets.


  1. LarsGermany says:

    hi serge,
    thank you for your lessons. i hope you will continue this line very soon. i will go to china in august and october, so your exercices might be very useful.
    could you introduce these phrases : (honestly, till now i have downloaded all lessons, but of course i was not able to get familiar with all of them, so if you have already taught them, would you be so kind to tell what lessons, thanks in advance)

    – could you talk slower, please
    – some numbers or how to count // first, second …
    – if chinese people count with their fingers or show numbers, is there another system …. i have heard something, but i am not sure?? could you explain this ?
    – colours

    thank you for your support

    kind regards

  2. Nihao Lars,

    Let me briefly reply to your comment.

    1.speak slowly-Lesson 7.

    2.Numbers-Lesson 9.

    3.yes, chinese use fingers to count and they have their own special way. Basically 1 to 5 is same as ours, ten it’s very different. don’t really know how I can use my voice to teach these ways. Maybe I can draw them:-)

    4. I will put up a new lesson probably tomorrow, which will be a review. I will add some survival vocabulary including colors etc.

    Danke for listening to my podcast.


  3. Joseph Patti says:

    Serge- I am trying to figure out the possessive grammar rules for people. Back in lesson 13 it looked like “de” was omitted in relation to family members (Wo taitai, Wo gege, etc) so I decided that you didn’t use “de” to indicate possession with people to whom you were related.

    In this lesson though, my friend seems to be expressed in two different ways, once with “de” and once without. In dialogue 3 without- “nI nanpengyou” In dialogue 4, with and without – Wode pengyou and ta nvpengyou. Is “de” omitted when you express gender?

  4. Hi Joseph,

    Generally speaking, the possessive “de”(的) can be omitted if you relate closely to the person or even the object! Of course relatives fall into this category, so you will say wo ma(我妈)-my mom, wo ba(我爸)-my dad…etc. Wo nvpengyou(我女朋友)-my girlfriend. Wo pengyou(我朋友)-my friend or wo de pengyou(我的朋友)-both alright. Actually, it’s acceptable both ways, with or without the “de”. It’s not a very big issue if you, for example, say wode baba(我的爸爸)-my dad, or wode mama(我的妈妈)-my mom, wode nanpengyou(我的男朋友)-my boyfriend…etc. All these are equally correct. But, of course, saying wode ba or wode ma will be wrong (except certain circumstances, e.g. wode ma ya!(我的妈呀!)-mama mia!-but this is an idiom ). So, when something or someone can relate to you, you CAN omit the “de”. It’s not related to the gender.

    I mentioned that objects will work too. For example, you can say wo che(我车)-my car, since, you know, cars can be something we love more than wives:), or, another example, wo shou3ji1 mei2 dian4 le(我手机没电了)-my phone’s battery is dead (my phone has no power).

    Some expressions are pretty fixed. E.g. wo3 guo2(我国)-my country, wo jia1(我家)-my home, my family…
    but, it’s fine to say, wode guo2jia1(我的国家)-my country, or wode jia(我的家).

    The omission of this “de” just makes your relations with that person or object more intimate, personalized.

    Hope this helps!


  5. Kurt Fife says:


    You used the expression “我们今天先上到这里"。 I take that to me we will stop here for today–in terms of the lesson or learning. My question, why is the ” 先"character used, and what is it’s purpose…Kurt

  6. Serge Melnyk says:

    Kurt, this is because when you say ‘xian1’ you imply that you will continue later, so ‘for now, first, stop here, and next week (then) will continue’.

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