Lesson 150. Weather Forecast.

Listen to this weather report in Mandarin Chinese and learn many new words and expressions. This lesson might be quite challenging for you, because of the speed of the report, however, don’t get discouraged, listen to the end and you will hear a detailed sentence by sentence explanation. Sign up and get the PDF lesson transcript and worksheet of this lesson.


  1. Patrick McAsey says:

    那是我的第一次听真中国收音机的广播。 他们说很快的! 那是很有意思的也有用的。

    Could you use other examples from Chinese radio in later lessons. Many thanks for (as usual) a great lesson Serge!

    Kind regards


  2. c gorenberg says:

    Hi Patrick: What program are you using that types your email in Chinese characters? very cool.

    tongxue. carol g

  3. Ru says:

    You could use windows.
    Go to control panel and change keyboards.
    And you can add any number of languages you want.
    (In Vista).
    In XP they ask for the setup disk.

  4. Patrick McAsey says:

    你好同学 Carol

    I use NJ Star. It’s really good, with Hanyu pinyin input, dictionary, search functions. You can also copy and past text from other sources and mouse over it to get the meaning!

    You can download it from NJStar.com. It’s free at first, but then you should pay – about $100 I think, but well worth it!


    Thanks to Serge as ever for wonderful lessons!

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