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  1. Eric Kuns says:

    Hi Serge:

    Ni hao wo lao shi!

    I love the recordings and accompanying tape scripts. I lived in China
    for a year in a comparatively small city called Hanzhong, in the
    Shaangxi province. Not only did I study Chinese there from a couple
    different instructors at our school, but I also worked with the
    Rosetta Stone, Transparent Language software, and a couple other
    freeware programs. But none of the instruction was really practical
    enough (you can go through all of the Rosetta Stone without ever
    learning “ni hao”), or systematic and comprehensive enough for me to
    really get a solid footing in the foundation of the language. I do
    have lots of bits and peaces, but they aren’t all coming together.

    Recently I’ve been living in Vietnam, but am moving back to China in
    February to teach English there, to another small town, Pulandian,
    where there are virtually no foreigners and I will really have to rely
    on my Chinese.

    Your lessons are the best thing I’ve come across in all my searches
    and will give me the foundation I want. I’ll still work with other
    programs to round out my understanding and fortify what I learn
    through you, but you are now my primary Chinese teacher.

    Among the great things about your instruction are the explanations,
    clear and slow pronunciation followed by natural speach, and the
    native speaker inclusion.

    I put all the significant material on notecards to drill myself, and
    you’ve also got the best and most useful phrases I’ve come across to
    work with.

    Keep up the outstanding job and inexpensive service for those that
    want to learn Mandarin.

    Again, as an experienced and serious English teacher, I can really
    appreciate your approach.


    Eric Kuns

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