1. Mike says:

    Hi Serge,

    I just got back from a three-week trip to China and had a great time. I
    missed going to Shanghai, but did get to see a lot of the country. Thanks
    so much for all your help. I got a lot of comments on the little Mandarin I
    picked up before leaving(several of whom specifically mentioned attention to
    tones, so an extra thanks for that). I plan on staying with it and learning
    more though, even without any plans for a future trip, but who knows?

    I made a few friends and plan on writing them through email. I don’t know
    how far in advance you have lessons planned, but I would love to have a
    specific lesson on letter writing, penpals, email, common closings, etc.
    Just a suggestion of course.

    Thanks again!


  2. You got it, Mike, it’s a good suggestion, so one of the next lessons will be about writing letters with all that common vocabulary.

  3. Roux says:

    Hi Serge

    I am so glad that I have found your website. I recently met a Chinese lady in South Africa and she became my girlfriend. So as you can imagine I am trying to learn Mandarin now. You lessons with ordinary conversations and words is excellent and I am enjoying it very much. I hope I will soon be able to talk a little Chinese with my girlfriend. Sometimes she laugh when I try to speak Chinese, but I can see she values my effort. So I will continue to learn. Thanks again, Serge!

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