Lesson 076. Let’s Review. Grammar Update.

Let’s review the key vocabulary and sentence patterns from the previous lesson and learn about continuous action or state in Mandarin Chinese, we will learn some examples when two different actions are happening at the same time.

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  1. john says:

    The web site has changed. How do I now download each individual lesson? Before I could right click and “save as.” Now that’s disappeared! Help! :(

  2. Adam L says:

    Hi Serge

    I really enjoy the lessons.
    Since you’ve updated the website, I can no longer download the lessons. I can play them in the browser OK but where I used to right click, and “save target as” an mp3, it gives file type as HTML. Is it still possible to download the mp3’s?

    Thanks again


    ps I appreciate the Taiwanese variations as my wife is from there and it definately helps with the in-laws!

  3. John says:

    Thank for the download links! I have a request—I feel that 25-30 minutes+ lessons are simply too long. Is there any way you can make the future lessons no more than around 18-22 minutes-at most! (That seems to be where I/many lose patience!) Just something to think about! Thanks! ;)

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