Lesson 041. Opening a Bank Account.

This lesson models the real situation of opening a bank account in Mainland China. You will learn words and expressions in Mandarin Chinese and will be able to speak Mandarin Chinese to a bank clerk in China and open a bank account. It’s a very comprehensive lesson with many new and useful expressions.

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  1. T.K. RAGHUNATHAN says:

    Hello Serge,

    When I open a lesson as a logged-in user, I see ‘Transcripts&worksheets in the Title bar. When I click on it, it takes me to a page which explains the benefits of transcripts along with a log in field.

    There is a ‘download’ at the bottom of this page, but when I click on it, it takes me back to log in page.

    How do I download the work sheets?


  2. Hi!

    1)Login from the top.

    2)Go to your control panel

    3) Click on the link under the sentence” Your Subscriptions” right from the control panel. It says” “6 months” etc. That’s it! Don’t go back to the transcripts signup page again.

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