Lesson 046. Adopting a Child.

Are you planning to adopt a child from China? Do you want to know what to say? How to comfort him/her? Learn some words and expressions in Mandarin Chinese used when talking to a child. Baby talk in Mandarin Chinese.

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  1. John Gleason says:


    When my 2-year-old son puts away his toys, or eats his dinner, or does anything good, I oftentimes tell him, “You did it! Good job!” Can you tell me what a Chinese parent might say?

  2. Serge Melnyk says:

    Nihao John, I have emailed you the answer to your question, but let me write here as well, if anyone else is also interested. Yes there is an equivalent of ‘Good Job’ that you use when a child does something good. Parents usually say “hao3 bang4 a!” or “hao3 li4hai4 a!” Here “hao3” means very, same as “hen3”. You can hear the pronunciation here:

  3. John Gleason says:

    Hi Serge,

    “Diaper” ni3 zen3me shuo1?

    “You need a new diaper” ni3 zen3me shuo1?



  4. Serge Melnyk says:

    It will be niao4bu4(尿布), also please see Lesson 250, ni3 xu1yao4 huan4 niao4bu4(你需要换尿布)-you need to change a diaper.
    *huan4(换)-to change.



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