A complete set of PDF lesson transcripts and worksheets is a necessary part of any Chinese language audio course.

Lesson transcripts allow you to practice the sentence patterns and dialogues while listening to the audio lessons. You will be able to see how the pinyin, tones and Chinese characters are written.

In addition, you can take these learning materials with you and practice with your friends or language partners at any time or place you like.

The Transcripts & Worksheets are written in both Chinese phonetic alphabet pinyin and Chinese characters (traditional and simplified), full translations and explanations are given in plain English.

Transcripts also include supplementary vocabulary, grammar notes and learning tips that are not available in the audio recordings. So if you are not subscribed to the transcripts, you might miss a lot of important information.

Starting from Lesson 009, you will also receive one page worksheet for each lesson. The correct answers are announced at the end of your next audio lesson.

If you have a question or there is something you don’t understand and need help with, you can email us and we will do our best to help, no matter what lesson you are studying.


PDF Lesson Transcript (Sample)

PDF Lesson Worksheet (Sample)

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