Lesson 001. Greetings in Mandarin Chinese.

Lesson 002. Tones and Pronunciation.

Lesson 003. More Greetings and Expressing Needs in Chinese.

Lesson 004. Introducing People. Nationalities and Occupations.

Lesson 005. What’s your name?

Lesson 006. Chinese Food is Good to Eat!

Lesson 007. Lessons Review!

Lesson 008. Let’s talk about hobbies.

Lesson 009. Weather and Seasons in Chinese.

Lesson 010. Meeting New People. Business Cards in China.

Lesson 011. Bargaining in Mandarin Chinese.

Lesson 012. Home Sweet Home.

Lesson 013. My Family.

Lesson 014. Time Concepts and Calendar.

Lesson 015. Phone Calls in Mandarin Chinese.

Lesson 016. Giving Gifts, Visiting Friends, Drinking Culture.

Lesson 017. Asking For or Giving Directions.

Lesson 018. I Can Speak a Little Chinese.

Lesson 019. Travelling in China. Part 1.

Lesson 020. Travelling in China. Part 2.

Lesson 021. Seeing a Doctor.

Lesson 022. Playing Sports and Exercising.

Lesson 023. How Old Are You?

Lesson 024. Dating and Relationships.

Lesson 025. Colours and Numbers. Review.

Video Lesson 001. Writing Numbers in Mandarin Chinese.

Lesson 026. Sing and Learn. Sweety Sweet.

Lesson 027. Working in China. Office Vocabulary.

Lesson 028. Finding and Renting an Apartment.

Lesson 029. Buying Food in a Supermarket.

Lesson 030. Directions and Location.

Lesson 031. How does it taste or smell?

Lesson 032. Household Duties.

Lesson 033. Listen and Sing Along. Grammar Update.

Lesson 034. Doing Business in China.

Video Lesson 002. Introduce Yourself in Mandarin.

Video Lesson 003. How to Bargain in Mandarin Chinese.

Lesson 035. How to Bargain in Mandarin Chinese.

Lesson 036. Coming to China. Visa and Tickets.

Lesson 037. Holidays and Vacations.

Lesson 038. Investment in China.

Lesson 039. Computers and Internet.

Lesson 040. Can You Fix It?

Lesson 041. Open a Bank Account in Chinese.

Lesson 042. Teaching Mandarin.

Lesson 043. Chinese Traditional Art.

Lesson 044. Driving in China.

Lesson 045. Visiting a Hospital in China.

Lesson 046. Baby Talk in Mandarin.

Lesson 047. Marriage and Wedding.

Lesson 048. Merry Christmas. Happy New Year.

Lesson 049. Night Life. Going to a Pub.

Lesson 050. Musical Instruments in Mandarin.

Lesson 051. Annoyances in China. Protect Yourself.

Lesson 052. Chinese Antiques.

Lesson 053. In the Gym.

Lesson 054. Chinese New Year.

Lesson 055. Movies and TV.

Lesson 056. In the Post Office.

Lesson 057. Complaining in Mandarin Chinese.

Lesson 058. Pregnancy and Birth.

Lesson 059. Dimensions in Chinese. Review.

Lesson 060. Having a Haircut.

Lesson 061. Learn Chinese Poems.

Lesson 062. Property and Real Estate.

Lesson 063. Airport and Air Travel.

Lesson 064. Buying a Computer.

Lesson 065. Chinese Grammar Summary.

Lesson 066. Call the Police.

Lesson 067. Learn to Cook Chinese Food.

Lesson 068. Chinese Tea Ceremony.

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