Transcripts and Worksheets

PDF Transcripts are written texts of each lesson, they allow you to practice sentences and situational dialogs while listening to the audio lessons, so you can see how every word and expression is written in both Pinyin (Chinese Phonetic Alphabet) and Chinese Characters.

You can also take these materials with you and study at your own pace, anywhere you like!

All Transcripts and Worksheets are written in Simplified and Traditional Chinese Characters, along with Pinyin and English translation.

The transcripts also include full explanations, learning tips, additional vocabulary and grammar notes that are not available in the audio lessons. We announce the correct answers to the questions in the worksheets at the end of every lesson (starting from lesson 9).

If you are serious about learning Chinese and want to make a good and steady progress, make sure you download the PDF transcripts of all lessons.

You can download your PDF Transcripts and Worksheets immediately after signing up.

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PDF Lesson Transcript (Sample)                         
PDF Lesson Worksheet (Sample)