How To Use This Chinese Course

1. Please signup and download ALL 200+ Mandarin Chinese Audio Lessons with Full PDF Lesson Transcripts, Worksheets and Dialogs.

2. Listen to the audio lessons as many times as possible. Listening doesn’t harm. It helps you start speaking!

3. First time just listen, then repeat after you hear every word and sentence. You can press a pause button on your device if necessary.

4. Try to imitate what you hear, even if the sounds seem to be difficult to pronounce. Don’t be shy, nobody can hear you.

5. Have a transcript before your eyes when listening to the lesson. It’s very important to have a visual input for learning Chinese.

6. During your study, pay attention to the tone marks in the lesson transcripts and try to pronounce tones correctly. Musical tones are perhaps the most difficult thing in Mandarin Chinese, but I made it easy for you in my lessons. I guarantee you will show off your perfect pronunciation in Mandarin very soon!

7. The worksheet of each lesson has a translation exercise for you, so please fill in your answer and then compare your answer to the correct one that I announced at the end of your next lesson.

8. When you work on the Mandarin lessons, put the emphasis on Pinyin (Phonetic Alphabet) and correct pronunciation. If you think writing is fun, we have Chinese characters in the transcripts too. You can also get a textbook on writing Chinese or check our Chinese characters video tutorials that are available for premium subscribers.

9. Practice what you have learned whenever you have a chance. This part is REALLY important. Let’s say with your Chinese friend, a language partner, in a Chinese restaurant, etc. If you are interested in practising on Skype, we have Skype lessons as well.

10. Repetition is the key to your success. From time to time, go back and repeat.

11. Record yourself and compare your pronunciation to mine. It always helps when you hear your own voice like it’s somebody else.

12. Be persistent and never give up! I’m sure you won’t when you start our easy-to-follow Chinese lessons.

13. Confidence is 90% of your success. Even if you make mistakes, if you sound confident enough when you speak Chinese, you will be understood very well. So speak loud and have confidence in yourself!

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