Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: How can I download Chinese lessons from this Website?

Answer: Please sign up and you will have instant access to ALL 200+ audio lessons, full PDF transcripts, worksheets, extra situational audio dialogs and video tutorials.

Question 2: Where can I download the PDF transcripts and worksheets of all lessons?

Answer: Please go to your account on and you will see them under the title ‘Active Subscriptions’.

Question 3: I lost my user name or password, can you help me?

Answer: Absolutely! You can also recover your password by filling out the lost password form at

Question 4: How can I download all lessons into my smartphone, iPod or a tablet?

Answer: It’s very easy! Just login at and follow the links ‘Mobile apps’ or ‘Download all lessons and PDFs as a premium podcast’.

Question 5: How many lessons are in this course? Are you still producing them?

Answer: We try to publish new lessons regularly, so the number of lessons is constantly growing. Currently, there are already over 268 Mandarin Chinese Audio Lessons on different topics. First 100 lessons will give you a very solid foundation in the language, so you can continue to build your vocabulary and acquire the language sense. Each new lesson will expand and improve what you already know, introduce new situations and teach you the nuances of the language used in these situations.

Question 6: Please tell me more about subscribing. How much does it cost?

Answer: All information can be found here. Each subscription includes access to ALL audio lessons, extra audio dialogs (great for reviewing the lessons), full PDF transcripts (a situational dialog and vocabulary with tons of practical examples and explanations), review worksheets, video tutorials and more. If you have limited access to the Internet, we can send you a DVD with all lessons and transcripts, please see our signup page.

Question 7: When I start this Mandarin Chinese course, will I be on my own? What kind of support can I count on?

Answer: No matter what lesson you are on or what level you are, when you have a question or something is not clear to you, you can either leave a comment on this Website or email us directly.

Question 8: What’s the difference between simplified and traditional transcripts?

Answer: The difference is in Chinese characters in the transcripts. In simplified transcripts, the simplified Chinese characters are used and in traditional-the traditional Chinese characters. Traditional characters is what was used in China before 1949. After People’s Republic of China was declared, Chinese government made a reform of the writing system in order to elliminate the illiteracy among Chinese peasants. A part of this reform was to throw away some strokes of the characters and make the characters easier to write and to learn.

However in Taiwan, where it’s still officially the Republic of China, traditional Chinese characters are still used. In Mainland China, all books written before 1949 are using traditional or ‘correct’ form of Chinese characters, including those written thousands of years ago, like Tang poems, etc.

Other than this, there is no difference in the transcripts, we use pinyin in both versions.

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