Lesson 067. Learn to Cook Chinese Food.

In this lesson you will learn a recipe of a popular Chinese dish-sweet and sour pork. You will not only learn how to cook it, but will learn it in Mandarin Chinese! PDF transcript of this lesson has the detailed recipe. Please sign up and become a registered subscriber to download ALL 270+ audio lessons with full PDF transcripts and worksheets.

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  1. Alan Palmer says:

    hello Serge,
    I thought you might like some feedback from me 1 year or more from my last message. I am Alan Palmer from North-west England and I am still using your podcasts for helping me learn Chinese. I still enjoy listening and reading the PDF transcripts.

    I have made friends with a Chinese person and we communicate regularly. What we have found is we can use the situational dialogues as practice. I record in Chinese and English and my friend does the same thing and then we e-mail the sound files to each other. It works very well.
    Bye for now

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