Lesson 158. Zoo in Chinese.

Lesson 159. Getting a Tattoo.

Lesson 160. Is This Seat Taken?

Lesson 161. Clothing Items.

Lesson 162. Eating Bread.

Lesson 163. Help! Help!

Lesson 164. Upset Stomach.

Lesson 165. I’m Running Late!

Lesson 166. Paying by Credit Card.

Lesson 167. In-flight Service.

Lesson 168. Going through Customs.

Lesson 169. Marriage Vows in Chinese.

Lesson 170. Tai chi and Qigong.

Lesson 171. Sing and Learn. Children’s Song.

Lesson 172. He Called Me a ‘Foreign Devil’.

Lesson 173. Opening Speech in Mandarin Chinese.

Lesson 174. Family Photo.

Lesson 175. Going to Washroom.

Lesson 176. Train Travel in China.

Lesson 177. Let’s Review!

Lesson 178. Feeling Jet Lag.

Lesson 179. Wiring Money.

Lesson 180. Buying Jewelry in Mandarin Chinese.

Lesson 181. Chinese Dim Sum.

Lesson 182. Lunar Calendar.

Lesson 183. Please Calm Down.

Lesson 184. Reading Chinese Newspapers.

Lesson 185. Chinese New Year Blessings.

Lesson 186. Sing and Learn. New Year Song.

Lesson 187. Thinking of You.

Lesson 188. In the Café.

Lesson 189. Benefits of Drinking Green Tea.

Lesson 190. Chinese Poetry. A Sprig of Plum Blossom.

Lesson 191. Taking Pictures.

Lesson 192. Vegetarian Chinese Dishes.

Lesson 193. Changing Your Address.

Lesson 194. Chinese Medicine.

Lesson 195. Talk to a Taxi Driver.

Lesson 196. Sing and Learn. The Orchids.

Lesson 197. Eating Japanese Food.

Lesson 198. Spicy Food.

Lesson 199. You are Under Arrest.

Lesson 200. Arguing in Mandarin Chinese.

Lesson 201. Changing your plane ticket dates.

Lesson 202. Chinese Poem. Ode to the Farmer.

Lesson 203. Trip to the Beach.

Lesson 204. Ordering in Pizza Hut in Mandarin Chinese.

Lesson 205. Computer Problems.

Lesson 206. Do You Really Want to Marry me?

Lesson 207. Plastic Surgery.

Lesson 208. DIY or What’s in your toolbox?

Lesson 209. Shaolin Monastery.

Lesson 210. Trip Itinerary.

Lesson 211. Christmas Shopping List.

Lesson 212. Job Interview.

Lesson 213. Chinese Poem. Coming Home.

Lesson 214. Buying Furniture.

Lesson 215. Makeup and Cosmetics.

Lesson 216. Sing and Learn. Memories of an old Sweetheart.

Lesson 217. My Chinese Visa Expired.

Lesson 218. Adopting a Child. Interview.

Lesson 219. Nuclear Power and Radiation.

Lesson 220. Matchmaking.

Lesson 221. White-Collar Class.

Lesson 222. Thieves.

Lesson 223. Taboos and Superstitions.

Lesson 224. Mind Your Own Business.

Lesson 225. Giving a Bribe in Chinese.

Lesson 226. HSK Test. Lost In Chinese Translation.

Lesson 227. Off the Track.

Lesson 228. How to describe someone in Chinese. Part 1.

Lesson 229. How to describe someone in Chinese. Part 2.

Lesson 230. Blowing a Cow or Bragging in Mandarin Chinese.

Lesson 231. Room Service.

Lesson 232. Flattering in Mandarin Chinese.

Lesson 233. You don’t look well today.

Lesson 234. Hit and Run.

Lesson 235. At the Gas Station.

Lesson 236. Buttons and Zippers.

Lesson 237. Night Market in Taiwan.

Lesson 238. Making a Wish.

Lesson 239. A Stingy Boss.

Lesson 240. How to cancel an appointment in Mandarin.

Lesson 241. Looking for a Roommate.

Lesson 242. Going to KTV.

Lesson 243. Burning Bridges.

Lesson 244. Complaining in a Restaurant.

Lesson 245. Please Give Up Your Seat!

Lesson 246. You are too picky!

Lesson 247. Learn and Laugh. Funny Stories (Part1)

Lesson 248. Funny Story (Part 2)

Lesson 249. Traffic Report and Roads in Beijing.

Lesson 250. Busybody.

Lesson 251. You Crashed into My Bicycle!

Lesson 252. Public Transportation.

Lesson 253. Firewall and Blocked Websites.

Lesson 254. Talking to a Fortune Teller.

Lesson 255. Buying Online.

Lesson 256. You Are Too Impulsive!

Lesson 257. Learn and Laugh. At the Doctor’s Office.

Lesson 258. Street Safety.

Lesson 259. Ordering Food To Go.

Lesson 260. Favourite Shopping Places in Beijing.

Lesson 261. Asking for Help from Police.

Lesson 262. Sing and Learn. Green Island Serenade.

Lesson 263. My Boss is Angry.

Lesson 264. Buddhist Temple.

Lesson 265. News on Radio in Chinese.

Lesson 266. Dinner with the Boss.

Lesson 267. Improving Spoken Mandarin.

Lesson 268. Teaching Job Interview.

Lesson 269. Lucky Numbers.

Lesson 270. Why China?

Lesson 271. Lining Up For Taxi.

Lesson 272. Mailing a Present.

Lesson 273. Express Past and Future.

Lesson 274. Clock Position Expressions.

Lesson 275. Family Disagreements.

Lesson 276. Making a Small Talk.