Lesson 069. Bust, Waist, Hips.

Lesson 070. Thin and Fat.

Lesson 071. Your Religion.

Lesson 072. Phone Inquiry Hotline.

Lesson 073. How to Book a Restaurant (Part 1).

Lesson 074. How to Book a Restaurant (Part 2).

Lesson 075. Road Safety in China.

Lesson 076. Let’s Review. Grammar Update.

Lesson 077. Convincing People.

Lesson 078. In the Bathroom.

Lesson 079. In the Kitchen.

Lesson 080. Who Will Pay for Dinner?

Lesson 081. Sing and Learn: Jasmine Flower Song.

Lesson 082. Chinese Tongue Twisters.

Lesson 083. Lost and Found.

Lesson 084. Please Line Up!

Lesson 085. Going to a Dentist.

Lesson 086. Identity Theft.

Lesson 087. Food Safety in China.

Lesson 088. Ghost Festival or Halloween in China.

Lesson 089. Office and Phone Manners in Mandarin.

Lesson 090. Meet Wife’s Parents.

Lesson 091. Meet Husband’s Parents.

Lesson 092. Health Check in China.

Lesson 093. Sing and Learn. The Moon Represents My Heart.

Lesson 094. Let’s Break Up!

Lesson 095. Yellow Cow Tickets.

Lesson 096. Ordering Fast Food.

Lesson 097. Asking for a Refund.

Lesson 098. Funeral Ceremony.

Lesson 099. Year End Bonus.

Lesson 100. Hot Springs in Taiwan.

Lesson 101. Buying Insurance.

Lesson 102. Keeping in Touch with a Friend.

Lesson 103. Eating a Hotpot.

Lesson 104. Allergy Alert.

Lesson 105. Presidential Elections.

Lesson 106. You Are Fired!

Lesson 107. Stock Market in Mandarin.

Lesson 108. A Chinese Wife Wanted!

Lesson 109. Going to Chinese Embassy.

Lesson 110. Workplace harassment.

Lesson 111. Olympic Games.

Lesson 112. The Earthquake.

Lesson 113. Asking for Help in Mandarin.

Lesson 114. Looking for your Chinese roots.

Lesson 115. Writing Letters in Chinese.

Lesson 116. Wishes and Blessings. Review.

Lesson 117. Middle Autumn Poetry.

Lesson 118. Hotel Check-In.

Lesson 119. Peking Duck.

Lesson 120. Money or Life.

Lesson 121. Are you lost?

Lesson 122. Are you available?

Lesson 123. Traffic Jam.

Lesson 124. Good idea. Bad idea.

Lesson 125. Words of Encouragement.

Lesson 126. Are you in a bad mood?

Lesson 127. Foot Massage.

Lesson 128. Taking the Subway.

Lesson 129. Your Hobby: Fishing.

Lesson 130. Your favourite program.

Lesson 131. Chinese Homestay.

Lesson 132. Review. Grammar Highlights.

Lesson 133. Shrinking.

Lesson 134. Chinese Math.

Lesson 135. Finances and Economy.

Lesson 136. Another Poem in Mandarin.

Lesson 137. Divorce in Mandarin Chinese.

Lesson 138. Are you a Party Animal?

Lesson 139. Getting through the crowd in China.

Lesson 140. Going through a Back Door in China.

Lesson 141. Secondhand Smoke.

Lesson 142. Casino and Gambling.

Lesson 143. Second Wife.

Lesson 144. Giving a Presentation.

Lesson 145. How to Refuse a Gift.

Lesson 146. Developing Your Photos.

Lesson 147. The House is on Fire.

Lesson 148. Your Hobby: Snorkelling.

Lesson 149. Chinese and Western Breakfast.

Lesson 150. Weather Report in Mandarin Chinese.

Lesson 151. Batteries for Your Camera.

Lesson 152. Learn a Chinese Poem.

Lesson 153. Chinese Grammar Review.

Lesson 154. Preventing Cold and Flu.

Lesson 155. Sing and Learn. Story of a Small Town.

Lesson 156. Feng Shui in Mandarin Chinese.

Lesson 157. Crime and Punishment.

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